Read what others have to say about Kids Have Hope and the Good Touch Bad Touch program!

I was able to observe and participate in about a ½ dozen lessons Melissa taught here at Rowe. With my background in social work, knowledge of child development and prevention curriculum, I was extremely pleased with scholar engagement and learning taking place in the classrooms during Melissa’s lessons.

I would absolutely have both the program and Melissa as an instructor back to Rowe. Melissa went above and beyond with our community by meeting with our school principal twice, meeting with the president of our operating organization, providing teacher PD and a parent workshop all leading up to timely execution of 30 lessons of Good Touch, Bad Touch with our scholars.

Even still, she spoke separately with scholars who presented any concern for potential experience with sexual abuse and followed up with me to close the loop.

—Julia Wright, Rowe Elementary

My child came home and told me about the definition of sexual abuse. She told me they didn’t just tell us about good and bad touches. I was happy she had this additional knowledge and that at Rowe Elementary, thanks to Kids Have Hope and the Good Touch/Bad Touch curriculum, she will review this learning and add more learning to the topic each year as she grows.

—Rowe Elementary, Parent

The Good Touch Bad Touch curriculum is an excellent program for schools. The material is age appropriate and easy for the kids to understand. I think it is great that Good Touch Bad Touch teaches students how to be aware of that “Uh-Oh” feeling and that it is okay to question others when you have that feeling.

Many students do not know or believe it to be okay to question adults when something does not feel right in terms of their safety and health but Good Touch Bad Touch teaches them it is not only okay but important to act on these feelings.

The picture diagrams were instrumental at showing students the difference between Good Touches and Bad Touches and helped visualize what Melissa was presenting to the students.

The presentation was interactive and the students and staff enjoyed the presentation and having Melissa. It is great that Good Touch Bad Touch provides follow up curriculum that school personnel can use with students to reinforce concepts. Thank you Melissa and Kids Have Hope for presenting at our school!

—Brianne Boehrnsen, Manteno Elementary

The Good Touch Bad Touch class was fantastic. Our 4-5 year olds learned body safety rules in a fun and age appropriate manner. We were able to take the lessons Melissa taught our kids and easily reinforce them at home. Thanks for an awesome workshop!

—Melissa Moyer, Parent

This is just a note to thank Melissa Curk and Kids Have Hope organization for presenting such a valuable program to the head start students in the South Shore community. The “Good Touch/Bad Touch” curriculum is a unique and captivating way to teach and reinforce personal body safety rules. The students were engaged and the message was excellent.

—Shawntale Myles, SGA Youth and Family Services