Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

Education & Seminar Services

Our child sexual abuse educational services are designed for students, teachers, parents, families, community members and health care professionals that are concerned for children's safety.

Student & Classroom Services

We offer an evidence-based curriculum designed to teach children the language and skills to stay safe. Trained professionals will use the curriculum in the student's classroom as a tool to teach appropriate boundaries, body safety rules, internet safety, how to protect yourself and others against bullying, and empowerment to prevent and stop abuse.

Teacher In-services

We help educators learn how to detect, report and prevent child sexual abuse.  According to the Child Welfare Information Gateway, “in 2006, an estimated 905,000 children in the United States were found to be victims of child abuse and neglect.” (2008)*

Child Welfare Information Gateway. (2008) Preventing child abuse and neglect retrieved from:

Educational Parental Seminars

Kids Have Hope helps parents identify the  risks and develop sexual abuse prevention strategies.